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Chichester by Gaslight

A forum style vampire game based on White Wolf's Victorian setting located in the re-imagined historical city of Chichester.
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 Seduction rolls

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PostSubject: Seduction rolls   Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:05 pm

Cainites are masters of seduction, mostly because their un-lives may well depend on the skills. The act of seduction, however, can be quite complicated (and role-play intensive), so I have broken it down into passages.

First passage - opening remarks, first impression, approach, etc. Appearance + Subterfuge v. target's Wits +3. You need only one success (but any additional successes add one die to the next passage). No successes means the target is not interested (but you can try again at a +1 difficulty) while a botch means the target reacts with scorn or alarm.

Second passage - the witty repartee portion. Wits + Subterfuge (+ any bonus from the first passage) v. target's Intelligence +3. You need only one success (but any additional successes add one die to the next passage). No successes or a botch means the target has lost interest (at least for the moment) for less than a day or for more than a week respectively.

Third passage - suggestive or intimate conversation portion. Charisma + Empathy v. the target's Perception +3. A success indicates that the target in enamored and very open to suggestions. Whatever happens next is due to role-playing. A failure means the target has lost interests and a botch often results in a violent reaction.

Good Luck.

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Seduction rolls
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