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Chichester by Gaslight

A forum style vampire game based on White Wolf's Victorian setting located in the re-imagined historical city of Chichester.
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Location descriptions Cathed10

Location descriptions Chiche13Cathedral Church of the Holy TrinityThe Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, founded in 1075, is a fine example of both the Norman and Gothic styles, featuring a free-standing bell tower (or campanile) and double aisles. The cathedral also houses rare sculptures and works of art including tapestries, stained glass and several paintings. The spire of Chichester can be seen for many miles across the flat meadows and farmlands of West Sussex and is still a landmark for merchant sailors, it being the only English cathedral visible from the sea. The cathedral includes the Bishop's Chapel, a small church on the south side of West Street. The current bishop is the Rt Rev Richard Durnford, who was elevated to the position in 1870. was the Bishop of Chichester from 1870. Little is known of the bishop outside of clerical circles.
Location descriptions Librar10The Mary Magdalen LibraryThis former church/hospital was converted to an official city archive in the 18th century and a general needs library in the 19th. It is situation just outside the old city walls, south of South Gate, on a pleasantly landscaped ground offering a small park and fish pond. The head librarian is Dr Peter Wriothesley.
Location descriptions Bishop10Bishop's PalaceThe home and buildings set aside for the use of the bishop, his household and various officers and guests stand to the south-west of the Cathedral, on the north-east corner of the city map.
Location descriptions Close10The Cathedral CloseThis is a series of buildings which serve as appendages to the cathedral and may include buildings housing diocesan offices, schools, free-standing chapels associated with the Cathedral, and the houses of clergy associated with the cathedral. They are arranged in a sort of square around a courtyard forming a close
Location descriptions Guzman10SwangateA small estate in the Cathedral Close, well appointed and in good repair, located on the west side near the wall. This is the public haven of Prince Charles.
Location descriptions Park210Canon's ParkA small, pleasant greenspace surrounding Canon's Lane.
Location descriptions Dean_s10Dean and Chapter HousesThe Residences of the dean and chapter officers of the cathedrel, located at the south-east corner of close park. The dean of Chichester is John Crutchere, a theologian of widespread repute. With the ten canons (prebendaries), Crutchere handles all the administrative matters for the Cathedral and chapter (sub-episcopal level) and acts as a judge in the church courts.
Location descriptions Bell_t10The Bell TowerOn the south side of west street, north of the Bishop's palace stand the Bell tower. It is a three storey structure with a door way at street level leading to a basement level.
Location descriptions St_bar10The St Bartholomew and Elizabeth Beazley Trust officeThe former church of St. Bartholomew (situated on Mount Lane, just south of Westgate outside the city walls), was taken over in 1840 by this charity trust dedicated to the support of widow's and orphans. There is a cemetary attached for the benefit of the trust's charity activities.

Location descriptions Slums10

Location descriptions Morpet10St James and St Mary Magdalen HospitalA hospital located outside East Gate, east of Whyke Lane, dedicated to the poor and working classes. Supported by the Mark Trust.
Location descriptions Mary_s10St Mary's in the MarketLocated outside the walls, across the square from East Gate to the west of Whyke Lane, St Mary's has fallen on dark times indeed. The cemetary is ill-kept, the church roof in need of repair, but rumours persist of people moving around and into the church late at night.
Location descriptions Opiumd10Zubin'sAn opium den, used by middle class thrill seekers and artistic types. Ask for Ahmed.
Location descriptions Wmc10Hatfield Working Mens Club
Location descriptions White_10The White Hart InnLocated near East Gate on the south side of East Street. This is one of the oldest travellor's rests and taverns in the city. The pub/hotel has been in the Hill family for centuries.
Location descriptions Park310Interalley ParkA pleasent green space in the poor area for the health of the masses.
Location descriptions 0b85e074f40cd42eCawley PrioryNot much remains of this once proud house of the Benedictine order besides a picturesque ruin and tourist attraction, the scene of much wedding photography. The building stones have long been co-opted to other purposes, including the football stands. Rumours of late night reveries, however, persist although nothing is proven.
Location descriptions St_rap10St Raphael's HospiceThis small non-denominational monastic order, founded in 1435, still exists, set on the grounds of Cawley, convenient to footballer injuries. It features a small membership (ten brothers), under the leadership of Brother Luke, dedicated to the healing arts. The ordo has some trouble early in its existence, with rumours of excessive bloodletting practices and trouble with the archdeacon's office, but this is history now.
Location descriptions Curiou10Curious ChichesterThis is a small museum-cum-gift and curiousity shop set within the walls of the historic South Gate former guards' house. It offers visitors to the city some idea of the city's history and folklore, supplementing the more formal, academic collection of the civil museum.
Location descriptions St_ric10St Richard on South StreetThis former church has long been converted to an inner-city agricultural site and small petting zoo for the children of the underpriviledged. It is owened and operated by the Mark Trust.
Location descriptions Genevi10Genevive's PlaceReputed to be a house of ill-repute located in the heart of the slums and catering to the seedier needs of the residents. The manager is Jason Rockington, a fat man with an ill-temper.
Location descriptions Northc10The Northcote TavernThis is a well known spot in the Slums, featuring a warm atmosphere, live music, serving ale and simple meals for a reasonable price.
Location descriptions Blacks10SmithyThere is a friendly Blacksmith nestled in among the houses and shops - look out for the sign of the anvil - specializing in simple pots and pans. The smith is Roger Lemur and his two apprentices are Jim and Ronald.

Location descriptions Ac295f8a3d706f0cCrayfieldsA sprawling horse ranch located east passed the cattle market, with horses, cattle, pigs and sheep, once owned by the dukes of Essex but long taken into the less exalted Hoskins family. The manager's name is Robert Hoskins. The ranch raises horses for both military and commercial sales.
Location descriptions Theatr10St. Thomas's PlayhouseOnce the site of a monastery, the building and grounds north of North Gate was redeveloped in the 1860s into a theatre for the middle-classes, featuring sometimes racy comedy and skit shows, under the direction of Rudyard Jones.
Location descriptions Workho10The WorkhouseThe shame of every city, the workhouse or Almshouse or sometimes the debter's prison, is located to the south of the city, hidden from view by a small forest. This is the scene of many of tragic story. The director is Rev. Charles Avery.
Location descriptions Twiste10The Twisted Rose TavernLocated in the north west portion of the suburbs outside the walls, this is an old-style, properous inn serving a middle class clientelle. The manager's name is Jonathon Witherspoon.
Location descriptions Brewer10Sussex Ales BreweryLocated to the south west of the city, convenient to the rail tracks, Sussex brewery is a recent success story and employer of many working class men and women. It is owned by the Tucker family, solid, middle class entrepenaurs.
Location descriptions Lp38-w10Chichester Working men's clubA comfortable gathering place for labourers and their families. Precided over by Godfrey Sandburn.
Location descriptions Footba10Chichester F.C. grounds.The football grounds, located near the brewery, a popular Saturday afternoon leisure spectacle. The "Chichester Brewers" lead the Southern Conference.
Location descriptions Rowan_10Rowan HouseThe one known chantry of the Tremere.
Location descriptions Canal10Sussex Canal Travel StationLocated to the south west of the city, tours of the countryside by canal boat, merchant activities and mooring is available.
Location descriptions Train_10Chichester train stationThis charming little train depot, stops for both passengers and cargo (brewery and industry) is only a short carriage ride south east of the city within sight of South Street.
Location descriptions Coal_y10Quagmire and Son's Coalyard.Convenient to the rail tracks, this is the coal supply depot for the city and surrounding houses. Owed by the Quagmire family since 1790.
Location descriptions Colleg10Chichester College of Arts and Humanities.Located to the west or West Gate, the college was established in 1750 and expanded rapidly to include many disciplines in the sciences and technologies.
Location descriptions Priory10Sussex County Cricket Club.The SCCC was established in 1860 on former agricultural land to the north west of the city from East Gate.
Location descriptions Cattle10Chichester Cattle marketLocated just outside the walls near East Gate, this is a cattle, meats and vegatable market serving the city's needs since 1810.
Location descriptions Canal_10Canal side marketA small commercial area for tourists and for those who seek the more exotic item.
Location descriptions Poor_h10Poor housing projectsFeatured throughout most of the outskirts, streets of working class houses have sprung up since the 1840s, providing the basic amenities, schools and green spaces.

Location descriptions Gentry10

Location descriptions Meerli10The Rose HouseA beautiful, privately owned manor.
Location descriptions Oak_ho10The Oak HouseThe public home of Count Wilhelm von der Mark.
Location descriptions Deucal10"The Keep"The public home of Baron Deucalion Brahms.
Location descriptions Corn_e10The Corn ExchangeThe fruit and vegetable market on West Street just off of the market square.
Location descriptions Silver10Sterling Silver ShippingA silver and precious metals import - export firm with an association showroom and warehouse located at the corner of West and Chapel streets.
Location descriptions Museum10Chichester Civic Museum.Dedicated to the display of relics and artifacts of the by-gone ages, this is also the site of the middle class clans' Elysium. The museum director is Dr Kenneth Newbury.
Location descriptions St_pau10St Peter MagnusOne of the few remaining Catholic churches in the city, St Peter's is the heart of the charity community. Father Manual del Monte, SJ, is the head of the mission, assisted by two blue friars - brother Ignatius Jones and brother Charles de Palma.
Location descriptions Ax-han10Parmalee's Cabs.The main office of the city's Hansom Cab Company, owned and operated by the Parmalee family since 1802.
Location descriptions Bookst10Flockton's BooksFlockton's Books, owned and operated by the family of that name, is located outside the city walls on Orchard Gardens, and services both the gentry and middle class crowd, as well as the college students.
Location descriptions Nellgw10The Nell GwynneA public house of some sterling reputation, also the meeting place of the Chichester Poultry Fanciers' Society.
Location descriptions School10The Prebendary SchoolLocated at the juncture of West Street and Tower Street, this is a well regarded learning academy for boys under the control of head-master John Lyndefeld.
Location descriptions Vice-r10The Vice-RoyLocated near North Gate on the south side of Wall Street, this upper class tavern and hostel is owned by Major, Sir Richard Hales, war hero.
Location descriptions Masoni10Blackfriars PrioryThe very public meeting place of the city's masonic lodge.
Location descriptions Opera_10The Civic TheatreEstablished in 1850 off St Cyriac's Crescent, the theatre offers both opera and stage productions and is often the place to be for the upper classes. The director of the theatre in Mr Marshal Owen.
Location descriptions Cafe10Au Bons CopiansThis Paris inspired café offers a wide array of hot coffee, but also sells small petits fours, tea, crockery, linen and boxes of coffee, tea and chocolate. The cafés classy interior perfectly blends the freshness of the coffee with the feel of Paris. The wide windows and the terrace overlook the magnificent Civic Theatre. The café is said to be an incubator for new thought and creativity, and it has become popular with the theaters patrons. Attracting the upper echelon of theatre attendees as well as poets, artists, writers and intellectuals.
Location descriptions Lodge_10Greyfriars PrioryLocated outside the city walls (east of Priory Road Gate) this is the home of the Lodge of the Eastern Star, a mixed gender order of the Masons.
Location descriptions Golden10St Peter the GreatHeading east from West Gate, St Peter was once the first church on the north side of west street but is now the public office of the Order of the Golden Dawn.

Location descriptions Gentry11

Location descriptions St_mar10St Mary's HospitalA hospital under the direction of Dr Richard Willoughby and the Mark Trust.
Location descriptions Estate11A town house.A typical example of old archietecture.
Location descriptions Angeli10Angelique HouseThe public home of Master Michael Uriel, located on the east side of North Street near to the markets.
Location descriptions Butter10The Butter market.Located just off north street, a diary specialty market.
Location descriptions Middle10St Pancras' Estate.A fine example of middle class housing.
Location descriptions Wade_m10Wade Manor.A fine example of an aristocratic town house, this is the Chichester residence of Lord Robin Wade, a major London landowner, church patron and entrepenour.
Location descriptions Camera10Malby's Artist and Photographer StudioHave your picture taken today! A lasting memory. Come to Malby's at No 68 East Street.
Location descriptions Vict-c10The Cycle Shop.The machine of the future, according to owners James and Melvin Krupp, the bicycle will replace the horse for many things. Church leaders worry about the morality of the contraption, particular the popular "ladies" bicycle.
Location descriptions Townho10Townhouses.These houses face the government district and, consequently, are among the most wanted properties in the district.
Location descriptions Carpen10Carpenter's Servants ServicesIf you need a housemaid or butler, a footman or governess, this is the place to come for help. Run by Jeremy and Emily Carpenter.
Location descriptions Stanst11The Saracen's Head Inn and TavernLocated on the north side of East Street, close to the junction of the four streets, the Saracen's Head [est. 1410] has a congenial atmosphere for a discerning middle class crowd. The prices are a little dearer (to keep out the riff-raff). Art works adorn the walls. Martin Oliver is the manager, ask for him at the bar.
Location descriptions Norths10North Street market scene.A typical busy day for shoppers.
Location descriptions Storef10Harrison Bros. Drugs and TolitriesLocated on East Street just around the corner from North Street, this is the place for all your pharmacutical needs.
Location descriptions Newspa10The Chichester Daily ExpressLocated on East Street, this is the main office and printer of the two city newspapers, the daily Express and the Saturday Independent. The printers will also do personal projects of a large enough run.
Location descriptions Telegr10Chichester Telegram office.Near to the newspaper building, the telegraph office keeps the city's inhabitants in communication with the country and the world.

Location descriptions Govern10

Location descriptions Guildh11The Guildhall LawcourtsDominating Priory Park is the Guildhall, the lawcourts for the city. This features a museum created out of the ancient meeting hall of the guildmasters. Some legal and governmental offices located here.
Location descriptions Post_o10Chichester Post Office.A post office.
Location descriptions Police10Royal West Sussex Constabulatory.The head quarters of the city and county police force, under the command of Chief Superintendent Sir James Webb.
Location descriptions Castle14Chichester CastleChichester is headed by an elected mayor and council, whose offices are housed in here in the administrative centre of the region. The current MP for the city is Lord Henry G C Gordon Lennox, whose office is also in the Castle. The current Lord Mayor is Sir Harold Greanleaf.

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Location descriptions
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