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Chichester by Gaslight

A forum style vampire game based on White Wolf's Victorian setting located in the re-imagined historical city of Chichester.
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 Backgrounds considered

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PostSubject: Backgrounds considered   Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:16 pm

Certain questions have been raised on the interpretation of backgrounds and I would like to address the issues here. Neonates begin with only the standard backgrounds from which to choose - as follows - Allies are mortals who support the character in some limited way (but rarely to their own detriment). I am not unwilling that an ally can be another supernatural creature, but you must have a convincing argument - I am willing to be convinced. In the character generation process, you must give me some details about who your allies are and why they are your allies. What does moderate influence mean? Well, your mortal cousin, the law clerk, might suggest refinements to legal legislation then being considered without being laughed at or your childhood friend, now a sergeant in the police force, might be able to draw suspicion away from you and on to a rival without raising suspicious. Five-dots in allies might include the dean of the cathedral as your major connection. Unlike allies (who can do things for you), contacts can provide you information only. You will know a specific individual and have access to his network of connections. For instance, you call upon the head librarian from time to time for information. This opens up for you, potentially, the occasional service of someone else working in the library - a researcher, a doorman. With a good dice roll, this contact might be able to tell you additional useful information.

Basic information - Wits + Contacts (diff.7) - immediate results.
Extended information - Charisma + Contacts (diff.7) - information comes in on an regular basis.

Domain is not an exclusive source of wealth, it is an exclusive source of food (at least in theory). You have authority, in vampire circles, over the properties (land, houses) but not over the people (that is Herd). Each dot in domain lower hunting difficulties by one within the area of your domain (and for any vampire you invite in). You can split the domain rating to increase the security of your domain (at the expense of expanse). So that, say, two dots in domain now becomes a family home (one dot usually), now secured against intrusion by other vampires (+1 to their difficulties). You will have to describe this security if/when you take this option. A tremere, for instance, might secretly ward the house against other vampires or against ghouls. Herd is not domain and it is not resources. This background merely describes mortals who will readily allow the character to feed upon them. They want to be fed upon (they may seek you out too if it’s been a while). Moreover, there must be some common connection between the members of your herd - a trade association, a mystic order, a nearby village. If you have three dots in herd you can claim up to three blood points per evening. Moreover, your herd rating adds dice to your hunting rolls. Influence is your power in mortal society, your ability to get things done within reasonable limits. Whimsical demands will lose you respect in the mortal world and you may find your influence waning. Moreover, your influence has to be maintained somehow - bribes? Dominate? Emotional manipulation? Blackmail? Sex? I’d like this control mechanism outlined in your background write-up. I would also like you to consider the areas in which influence can be taken - the game provides several possibilities - the church, the government, working class and middle class society, high society, the police, the military, the trade associations. You have the option of designating dots here. So you might have one dot of influence in the church (which allows you access to the relevant rumour mill) and two dots of influence in the trade associations (which allows you access to the relevant rumour mill - business news) and this also gives you a relative reduced difficulty in dealing with members of those institutions. A danger exists here in that your one dot of influence may be trumped by another’s two or three dots, and you may find your influence waning or of little practical value if your rival forms a disliking for you and discovers the common connection. A mentor can provide information, training and financial aid, but is not a panacea to all your ills and set-backs. If the mentor is your sire, keep in mind that he released you from his control already on the assumption that you can look after yourself. He will give you advice from time to time, but he will not hold your hand through each and every minor crisis and he will not compromise his own standing for you. Resources is wealth at your disposal. Your dots in resources determine what you can get and how fast. I would like some indication of what the basis of your wealth is in the background write-up - huge tracks of land? A good credit rating? An inheritence? Valuable, liquidatible, assets (gems, gold, silver)? Retainers are servants or companions, loyal to you. I would like to know why they are loyal? Keep in mind that while they are loyal to you, you must show loyalty to them. A maid will also be on the lookout for her own interests too. Treat them well or else. Status is your character’s standing in the vampire court and becomes important when you are trying to get other vampires to take your part against a rival (adding dice to your pool).

For Ancillae and Elders
Permissible background options: Alternate Identity, Clan Status, Elder Status, Fame, Haven, Military Force, Occult Library, Rituals [for Sabbat pack priests], Sect Status, and Spirit Slave [bought individually by those with sufficient Necromancy].

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Backgrounds considered
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