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Chichester by Gaslight

A forum style vampire game based on White Wolf's Victorian setting located in the re-imagined historical city of Chichester.
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 Initiative and combat

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PostSubject: Initiative and combat   Thu Dec 03, 2009 12:18 pm

A controversy has raised its ugly head. In essence, initiative rolls indicate the order of a combat scene. But, because combat can be a rather complicated issue, I have determined that most rolls will take place in personal forums and I will interpret their meaning and make a statement on the common game forum. As for initiative. The person who rolls the highest initiative will be deemed to be having a good day. S/He will be understood to be reading others body language, the intention of their eyes, the way they twitch, whatever, and will be given the small bonus of being able to see the intentions others have for him.

Thus, "Person A looks like they are going to jump me, person B is going to rush me, if I move now, I can avoid trouble and they will run into each other."

If the dice roll well, this will be the result; if they roll poorly, oh well, all the initiative in the world wont save you from a botch!

Because I said so!
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Initiative and combat
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